Dana Power’s Breakfast for dinner wedding

Well in case you have not noticed or been living under a rock we are full swing into wedding season!! People always ask us if we get burnt out or tired of doing the same thing every weekend, but honestly it’s never the same! A different venue, different color scheme, menu and love story after all. We get extra excited when we have the opportunity to think a little out of the box with our brides, and that is exactly what we did with Kelli & Gregory’s breakfast inspired wedding. We met Kelli months back at her adorable bakery, Sweet Pea Bakery. We were honored when she asked us to zest up her big day!! What a better way to enjoy breakfast than a waffle bar? But not just any waffle bar, we made delicious gluten free waffles!! Have you tried Pamela’s? Per the brides request we rocked her favorite recipe and got to zestin’ at the lovely Dana Powers Barn. 


She decked out the barn with dusty pinks, pops of teal and a bit of sparkle here and there….



And of course Sweet pea’s only seemed fitting to make an appearance….dana_powers_barn_wedding_0434dana_powers_barn_wedding_0435

I loved how sweet these little bud vases were with flowers for each guest to find their seat and take home- love!





What a gorgeous day!!


Kelli really thought of everyone with mini parfaits fit for any food sensitivity!


And now for the epic waffle bar, we were loving using All Clad waffle makers-the perfect waffle- oh happy day!


Not sure which topping was my favorite..fresh blueberries…strawberries….raspberries….homemade vanilla whipped cream or our maple butter syrup mixture- it was DESSERT!


But like every dessert I suppose it should be a bit balanced, we also served a colorful veggie frittata, crispy hash browns and yummy sausage and bacon!dana_powers_barn_wedding_0418

The guests were not the only ones with happy bellies….


Just when you didn’t think you could see enough gorgeousness or eat enough amazing food, the donut bar opened!


And not just an donut bar, an adorably epic one!!

Hat’s off to you lovely newlyweds!!


But wait there is more exciting “What’s up Wednesday” news…..

As you can imagine doing a wedding every weekend for 9 months can become like running a marathon. Don’t get me wrong we love our brides and every wedding is so unique and special to us, we feel very very blessed to be so busy! But on the flip side our dear families kind of like us too. hehehe. So with that said Chanda and I have decided to call for some family vacation time. What doesn’t scream summer family time more than a cross country trip???? With no further ado I announce…..


That’s right over the next few weeks stay tuned to our travels over on instagram.

Not to worry we will still have many zesty posts everyday for you peeps, we would miss you!!


Sam & Chanda

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