Custom Leather Pen Holder for Bullet Journals

We are about to have our monthly Bullet Journaling Meet Up at the Zest Studio this week, so I thought a little bullet journal DIY would be fitting. If bullet journaling is a new idea to you, and you are like, “Chanda, what the heck are you talking about?”…no worries, your aren’t alone. Those who are familiar with bullet journaling, or BuJo for short, are pretty diehard. I just began bullet journaling in January, and in December I had absolutely NO CLUE that it was even a thing.

Bullet journaling, simply put, is just a free-form journaling technique that allows you to blend tasks, calendars, dreaming, doodling, scrapbooking and goal setting all in one spot! One journal can last a year, or you can be totally immersed with filling pages that you use multiple journals to span your 365 days. I carry mine around in my laptop bag, so that after I have made my schemes for the day’s activity, it is close at hand to check things off or continue to add. The only problem is that I never have a pen handy. I have three kids, so that means the pen in my purse is constantly missing. My solution for keeping my favorite pen close to my bullet journal was to create a custom pen holder using some scrap leather. Sturdy, cute and convenient: check. check. check.

leather scrap
twine or colored cotton string
yarn needle
leather hole punch or nail
gorilla glue or strong glue

I started with just a little piece of scrap leather. You can use a fancy leather puncher like below, or just opt for a thick nail and a hammer to create holes in the leather for “sewing.”

Simply fold over a portion large enough to house your favorite pen, and then punch a couple of holes. I like the earthy feel that the twine gave the leather, but you could make this fun with colored cotton.

I used my scissors to snip the end into a simple flag shape. I love working with leather because I never have to worry about fraying.

Using some strong glue like Gorilla Glue super glue, simply glue the backside of the flag end and position it to the back of your front or back cover.

I’m not going to lie, I definitely breathed a sigh of relief when my fav pen fit perfectly.
I love how snug and secure the leather holder feels, and I love the edgy flare that the leather gives my bullet journal. This was a simple project that made life even more convenient…gotta love that!

Maybe you bullet journal, and maybe you just journal. Regardless, having a pen handy is awesome! I hope this quickie tutorial helps ya out. It could also ignite a new obsession with leather crafting…just a warning haha.
Chanda Panda

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