Custom Futon Cover

One of the things that I absolutely love about styling a photo-shoot with Sam is how much we get to think outside of the box.  I love dreaming up beautiful designs and then figuring out how to execute them in a budget friendly way….along with the added characteristics of being quality pieces that are easy and manageable.  It literally fires up my brain.

So, when Sam and I dreamed up a pallet board futon, I was immediately figuring out how to cover the mattress in a way that would be durable and easily washable (especially important since the piece would become a rental….and let’s face it, that’s how moms think, right?)

Luckily, I had a massive AH-HA moment when I was rummaging around the thrift store and found a beautiful cotton quilt in great condition….AND in the color scheme we were after!  Not wanting to worry too much about exact measurement, sewing, and zipper installation (headache), I thought about grommet’s and rope.  Wouldn’t it be cool (and quick) to be able to wrap up the mattress and lace this quilt in place?  I thought so…but I had never used a grommet maker before, so it was time to learn something new 🙂 .

DSC_2093First step was to gather up my quilt and my brand new grommet making supplies…yay for new tools!DSC_2096Next step was to mark where I wanted my grommets to go.

DSC_2092Oh boy…that’s a lot of holes!  Time to get snippin’!

DSC_2098With all my holes cut, using the stab and cut method with my little sharp scissors, it was time to try out this new technique that I was adding to my repetoire.

DSC_2101Grommets come in two pieces, one ring with a long neck and one flat ring.  Using the long necked ring, stab it through the hole and then rest the flat side on the grommet maker base.

DSC_2105Place the flat ring that is your grommet top over the neck that sticks out of the fabric.

DSC_2104DSC_2106Now, use your second piece of your grommet maker and get ready to pound.  Probably the most important step here is to make sure that you have assembled everything on top of a hard surface, so that you can hammer with some good, hard whacks.DSC_2107Ok, so it’s official, grommet making is a snap!  I’m ready to grommet something else, like stat!

DSC_2094In the meantime, with a little rope to lace through my grommets, our quilt made a knock-out futon cover for our homemade futon and our bride!  I love how smooth and sturdy it was….and how quick to remove for laundering!


Taylerenerle.comThanks for stopping by Zest it Up!  It’s gonna be a fun summer!

xo Chanda

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