Crustacean, House of An


So, these are not going to be stellar pictures of a legitimately stellar restaurant, today.  Nope.  These are going to be some grainy, quick pix that we snapped in a hurry as we delightfully gorged on one of those meals that stands up to the test of time and hype.

Let me introduce you to Crustacean.  When Sam and I found ourselves traveling down for a bit of a stay in LA in order to meet up with some fun clients, Crustacean popped into my head as a “must go!”  It had been quite a few years since I had visited, and I knew that Sam would freakin’ LOVE the secret kitchen.  What’s that?  Secret?  Secret kitchen??  Oh, my friends, you read that correctly.


Not only is the space perfectly Feng Shui, with a plexi-covered koi stream running the length of the restaurant…but it has a secret kitchen.  Chef Helene An has two kitchens at Crustacean.  One basic house kitchen, and then one very secret kitchen that no one is allowed to enter.  Apparently, if you have cooked for her for ten plus years, she may let you poke around inside or even help.  Cool right?  This secret kitchen is where Chef An makes all of her family’s secret recipes that are simply to die for!

There are so many gorgeous menu options, but we all chose her famous roasted crab from the secret kitchen.  Served along with some of her famous garlic noodles and I was in hog-heaven!


Imagine succulent crab meat cooked to perfection and swimming in garlic and black pepper.  Ridiculous!

Crustacean is an experience that can’t be beat.  If you ever find yourself haunting around the westside, make some reservations….you will love yourself for it!

Bon apetit!



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