Crushin’ on Lush

As we inch nearer Christmas we are definitely in crunch time when it comes to last minute gifts. Especially if you are trying to snag a thoughtful gift that isn’t necessarily DIY- that’s were Lush comes in to save the day! Lush is an amazing all natural skin and cosmetic store. They have got it all from face masks to shampoo, bath bombs and make up!! Have you been to a Lush yet? SLO just recently got their very own store downtown- definitely pop in if you have not yet. We were pumped when we stopped by to grab a few stocking stuffer treats and the ladies gave us an entire walk-thru and demo of all their products to show YOU!

Here are some of my highlights and top reasons why they are UH-mazing in my book!

– they use all natural ingredients and source these fresh ingredients organically and even tell you where it comes from, they also don’t test on animals

– all their products have amazing fragrances and overall great packaging

– they always have a “charity pot” that will give back

-they have stickers on each package that shows a pic of who handcrafted your product, now that’s personal!

-they have cool stuff for guys too!! shaving cream? gel?

– they even have pre-wrapped gifts so you can really look like a rockstar on all ends


Loving the name of this package- “Zing and ZEST!”lush_0012lush_0013lush_0014lush_0015lush_0016lush_0017lush_0018

Time to play with some bubbles!!! lush_0019‘This blue bomb was not only glittery but made SO many bubbles, AND it’s blue guys. I would kill to have a blue glittery bubble bath as a child- Ariel ain’t got nothing on that!! lush_0020See the foamy bubbles!!

This cannon literally shoots out confetti to some awesome bombs!!


We thought this little kissing santa bath bomb would make a great stocking stuffer!!


Peeping santa!


And then she showed me the honeycomb basket- can you see the excitement in my eyes!!lush_0025

Demo time!!lush_0026lush_0027

We LOVED the fact that you can see who made your product- literally handmade with love and care!!


Let’s just say we walked out with a few things and some were presents to ourselves- oops!


Happy Shopping!!



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