I am revealing an addiction right now.  I mean a serious addiction.  Oyster po boys, beignets, chicory coffee, alligator, etouffee, dirty rice, and crawfish….are you feelin’ me?  I am talking about a divine cuisine that has literally called there building blocks of onions, celery and bell peppers the “Holy Trinity”.  I am talking about Cajun food y’all.  Deep, soulful and a spice that will kick you in your pants!

If it’s good and done right, I cannot get enough!!  It is a serious addiction that I have to feed.  You know when some good eats just make you smile and laugh?  That is what I am guaranteed every time I walk into Crawdaddy’s in SLO.  The best part, the unassuming exterior will take you by surprise as soon as you walk through the door.  It may look simple from outside, but as soon as you walk inside you are transported to Louisiana…cool wood picnic tables with ready rolls of paper standing guard to be rolled out for the delicious culinary mess that will ensue as soon as your order is brought to your table.  Check it out!

crawdaddys_san_luis_obispo_ca_0860crawdaddys_san_luis_obispo_ca_0855crawdaddys_san_luis_obispo_ca_0857crawdaddys_san_luis_obispo_ca_0858crawdaddys_san_luis_obispo_ca_0859crawdaddys_san_luis_obispo_ca_0861crawdaddys_san_luis_obispo_ca_0856Billy came along with us and ordered an awesome cajun spiced mahi mahi po boy.  Killer good!

crawdaddys_san_luis_obispo_ca_0863However, I wanted Sam to experience the down and dirty culinary experience of digging into a pile of Cajun boil.  Get ready to laugh!  We order shrimp and andouille sausage with the “kitchen sink” sauce and a side of incredible garlic bread.


crawdaddys_san_luis_obispo_ca_0864crawdaddys_san_luis_obispo_ca_0865crawdaddys_san_luis_obispo_ca_0866Here she goes……..

crawdaddys_san_luis_obispo_ca_0867crawdaddys_san_luis_obispo_ca_0868crawdaddys_san_luis_obispo_ca_0869Oh the carnage!!  Shrimp heads are all that remain!

crawdaddys_san_luis_obispo_ca_0870Yummy, yummy!

You have GOT to stop into Crawdaddy’s STAT.  Enjoy one of their great beers or an Angry Orchard hard cider!

Bon apetit!



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