Cranberry Christmas Tree Garland

Have you snagged your Christmas tree yet?? Before you get to the usual ornaments and tinsel, let’s mix things up a bit this year. I always love when you can bring some “living” elements to the tree that also add pops of color. We wanted to keep things natural but also inexpensive. We originally loved the look of anise stars and cranberries but when we saw that a jar of anise stars was ten bucks we decided to take a different route to create the brown texture we were craving. Why not use the brown paper bag we got for free that came with our cranberries? Heck yes sign us up!!


1 brown paper bag

Needle & fishing wire




Start by cutting a section of your paper bag into a rectangle that is about 8 by 11 or so. Then accordion fold the paper tightly.


Next cut strips of the accordion paper into 1 to 2 inch sections.


Now grab a whole punch and punch a whole through the folded paper. OR if you seemed to have misplaced one like me (oops!!) grab a hammer and hit a quick nail through the accordion paper to pierce a hole through all the folds.


Time to start your sewing, gran a needle and your thread and begin to string your cranberries onto the thread…


Every 5 or 6 cranberries or so slide on a folded piece of paper….


Depending on your tree or mantle or what not- make your garland to your desired length and unfold your papers to add even more length. Tie off the ends.


I am in loveeeeee!! So excited!



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