Craft Room Wall Organization

Looking for some thrifty and unique ways to organize your office or craft room? Well look no further- we have all of that right here!! We are SO excited to be in our new space and show off some of our zesty supplies.  I just love when organization can also double dip as decor, don’t you? We have been zesting up our space with a contrast of warm wood tones, cool grey in the concrete and stainless steel and then “pops” of color from plants to watercolor paint. It only seemed fitting to carry this theme into our new crafting station. First we started with a big blank wall.  We decided we wanted to put that wall to work and make some unique storage pieces for all our craft supplies….

First let’s show you our super unique and cool find- this is an old silk screen drying rack. We loved the structure and decided to take a stab at using some pieces- here we go!! (can you tell we are a little nervous as to how to attack this?)


After snooping around we discovered an easy route to unscrewing the side bolts and popping each drying rack off individually…


Sometimes it also takes brute force-hahah!


For mounting we simply made sure all was level and then drilled into the wall…

(we know you probably don’t have a drying rack lying around, but these would be SO easy to make, or even use a garden lattice!)



We wanted to really take advantage of our vertical height so we decided to stack the racks so we could bring the eye upwards with the taller storage space…


Moving quite along!


All mounted and organized!!

office craft wall_0008

office craft wall_0010

For the stainless steel backdrop we found a roll of sheet metal at the thrift store for 10 bucks- we were pretty excited! We drilled that sheet right into the wall to mount our rods onto.

office craft wall_0007

We scored this old broken down Coke machine and decided it would be the perfect “cabinet” for our paint and other craft supplies. We added our own barn wood coverings to tie it into the rest of the space.

office craft wall_0009

office craft wall_0000

Then for the back wall we snagged some Ikea rods and hooks for pretty inexpensive and went to work hanging baskets we scored at the dollar store and spray painted gold.

office craft wall_0002

We bought this cute gold 4 pack of organizers at Home Goods-we couldn’t resist! Although the smaller jars are all dollar store finds! Simply mix and match the expensive and unique with the basic to get a balanced feel 🙂

office craft wall_0005

An old drawer for yarn..

office craft wall_0006

A metal cubby for that industrial organization vibe…

office craft wall_0001

And there you have it- the big pic again!

office craft wall_0008

We are SO excited to Zest!!

(aka make a mess!)



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  1. Love this idea! I am desperate for space in my craft room! This would also work using the side rails from an old crib. Now you’ve got my wheels turning!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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