Cozy Up on a Rainy Day

Things have been especially wet and rainy over here in our “sunny” California.  I know it is nothing compared to our friends pretty much anywhere but here, but it still makes me want to cozy-up and hibernate a bit.

Have you ever heard of a pluviophile?  Basically, it’s a fancy term for being a “rain lover.”  Don’t get me wrong for one second, I am a self proclaimed “lizard” who loves to bask in the California sun (albeit with a thick coat of suncreen for this 40 year old!), but with the rain comes magic.  I may not be such a pluviophile that I would move to Oregon or Washington, but there is something so amazingly theraputic when the scent of rain and the gentle drum on the rooftops fills the air.  Everything feels clean and I feel (gently) forced to slow down and take a moment to breath and relax.  I find myself snuggling with the kids more, and letting my thoughts dangle in the air.

Here are are a few things that make me smile when the rain comes pouring down.  Maybe a couple of them will resonate with you and trigger a little pluviophile magic for your day, too.





A cup of warm turmeric milk laced with fresh ginger and honey.  This stuff is the stuff of dreams!  Not only does it take your stress levels down to a negative, but it also strengthens your immune system to fight off getting weary from the cold.  An A+ way to cozy up when the rain dampens the air.

tumeric honey ginger milk tea_0005


I guess I love to cozy up with something warm when I am chilled and want to rest.  This tutorial on DIY tea bags makes it fun to create your own varieties at home.  So yummy, relaxing and healing!

homemade tea bags_0009


A fire!  Nothing is more comforting than a blazing fire!  Here is a quick tutorial for becoming a fire-building pro.  You can do this in a pit or in your regular fireplace.  It is a cinch and requires no firestarters.  I feel like this tutorial will make both guys and gals feel so dang empowered…cheesy, maybe.  But there is something so primal and survivor-esque to being a capable firestarter, right??

easy to start fire pit_0003easy to start fire pit_0007


Any dang soup will do when you are feeling cozy, but this Zuppa Toscana is ridiculously yummy and does a great job of hitting the spot with bold flavor flav!



Find time to cozy up with a fury blanket.  Obviously, the couch in the living room is an ideal location when the heaven’s open up and pour out buckets of water, but when the cold air dries up, find time to get cozy outside, too.  It’s good for you to breath in the outdoors.  Besides, how romantic is a little snuggle outside with your sweetheart…your soul will thank you.



Lastly, get your craft on!  There is nothing better than filling up some indoor time with a little creativity.  This DIY coconut oil & beeswax candle give the added benefit of a little candlelight with your crafting.  Especially since it uses essential oils to scent your home.


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