Copper & Wood T-Bar Jewelry Organizer

This project is rad!  It is so simple to make, it cost barely anything, and it would make a great Mother’s Day gift (hint, hint: that is only next month, peeps!)

Honestly, once you make one of these, you will probably want to make a slew of them.  This adorable wood & copper stand is perfect for organizing bracelets and necklaces in your bedroom, and a limitless arrangement in your craft space (think ribbons and scissors for one).  It’s no secret that I love copper, but the combination of wood and copper here is a beautiful detail in this minimalist design.  The wood feels earthy and simple, and the copper end-caps feel like the bling of jewelry.

jewelry holder_0000


1 length of 1/2″ dowel, cut into one 7″ piece and two 4 1/2″ pieces

1/2″ copper connector

1/2″ copper t-bar connector

2 copper end-caps (1/2″)

one 8 1/2″ long piece of 2″ X 4″

wood glue (I used Gorilla Glue cuz the stuff is STRONG)



drill with 1/2″ bit


You want to cut your dowel into 3 pieces.  I chose to cut my upright length at 7″, and my two horizontal pieces at 4 1/2″ each.

jewelry holder_0001

I simply cut a 8 1/2″ piece of 2″x4″ from some scraps we hand handy.  This operates as the base.  Taking my drill, I drilled down with my 1/2″ bit to make a 1/2″ deep hole.

jewelry holder_0002

Filling the hole with wood glue, I inserted my 1/2″ copper connector that basically looks like a copper tube.  Make sure to wipe up any glue that oozed out.  I found it worked best to use a hammer to make sure that the pieces were snug and in their place.

jewelry holder_0003

Next, fill the rim of the connector with more glue and hammer in your upright dowel.

jewelry holder_0004

Next, attach the end-caps to your two horizontal pieces using glue and a hammer.  Then connect those two horizontal pieces together using the copper T- connector.  Last step is to glue and hammer that T-connector to your upright.

jewelry holder_0005

Viola!  Finished!

You could take this a step further and use wood stain to prep the dowels and 2″x4″ before you assemble everything.  It will give a deeper, richer look.  However, I personally love the Scandinavian vibe that the light wood gives my new stand.

jewelry holder_0006

I love this so much, that I think I may use some sturdier dowels and make a coffee cup holder to go next to my copper pour over!  Ooooo, now I’m excited!




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