Copper Wire Light Christmas Decor Inspiration

I am in LOVE with the copper wire lights trend! We see them all the time at weddings- wrapped around an umbrella pole, dispersed at the bar or even the dessert table- they show off just the right amount of twinkle to make any scene feel magical as if fireflies were illuminating the room. In this case we are bringing these beauties home to “zest up” Christmas!! I am going to show you three ideas to decorate with these twinkle lights, but as you can imagine the ideas are endless! From a mini tree to bundled up in a mason jar- these beauties are SO easy to work with and look amazing!! A few notes as you buy them- think about what you want to decorate and that will determine a few factors….1- length of lights you need 2- do you need battery operated or an outlet 3- do you want warm or cool lights? I have seen these lights online, at Target and Michaels! Let’s get to zesting!

Twinkle Ladder Light:

Simply wrap your ladder and spread the love to each rung! You can do a tight wrap or more of a loose organic one (like I did) to make it a little more magical and floating like. Plug in and set timer and you are all set! Instant ambiance- time to snuggle in with some tea!

Starry Card Display:

I am always on the look out for cute ways to display all the Christmas and Holiday cards we receive every year. When I had some extra fairly lights and a blank wall I knew just what to do! Make sure you are near an outlet with a large open wall, then grab some push pins (copper or gold would be nice but any will do). Then time to take you back to elementary school with drawing your line stars…

Place a push pin in each triangular corner to secure the wire…

Next grab a stack of Christmas cards as well as some clothespins (mini or regular size will do) and get to pinning your cards on display!

This display is especially dreamy as the lights are dimmed and you are ready to host your Christmas party!! Guests will love pursuing through the cards all by twinkle light!

Illuminated Gift Wrapping:

This last idea with copper twinkle lights requires that you buy the battery operated lights in a smaller roll. Wrap your gift just as you normally would but instead of the ribbon let’s get really festive with some twinkle lights! Simply wrap so that the battery pack is at the base of the gift hidden, and then you’re set! The lights become a part of the gift too- score! SOOOO pretty sitting under the tree!

Happy Decorating!!

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