Copper Pipe Caps Turned mini Succulent Planters and Votives

Yesterday, Sam posted about ways to add copper bling to your wedding day and/or home decor. Unless you have been taking a nice and long siesta, you are probably aware of how copper has taken modern design by storm. Both the DIY culture and the haute couture of decor have dabbled in this lovely, rosy hued metal that starts off with major sparkle and ages to a dark patina with bright turquoise accents.
One of my favorite options that Sam pointed out to snazz up your wedding day was using copper pipe caps. Being 2″ in diameter, they make for the perfect miniature succulent pot or even a more adorable tea light that reflects a warm glow.

2″ copper pipe caps
mini succulents
succulent potting soil

If using the copper pipe caps for planting some mini succulents, know that this is a temporary home. They will look adorable for a month or so, but the lack of drainage and small spaces do not make these caps ideal for longterm. But, they make the cutest little accents and last way longer than cut flowers. When the succulents start to look a little tired, just repot them or get them into the ground.

Even better, these caps are the PERFECT size for just some generic little tea lights. I love candles, but I adore candlelight when it is reflected by the warmth of shiny copper.

I love that this is a DIY that does not require any real crafting. It’s simply shopping at the hardware store for decor. Delightfully contrary, these copper pots and tea lights make for sweet touches of industrial style. Easy and breezy!

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