Contest Numero Uno: Help design and win!!

Hilarious moment!!!  I went out to my car the other day and had a surprise waiting for me in my drive-way:

Apparently, the neighbors are getting in on the act.  Someone had left these beauties anonymously in the night or early morning.  I had to let out a laugh…never thought that our little cottage industry would inspire a sense of community in my neighborhood….but what a welcome side-effect! (Super glad that the noise of my sander isn’t just a nuisance 🙂 )

These appear to be some Ikea stools.  They are solid wood but have totally seen better days!

So, these were a sweet and thoughtful offering, for sure!  But, I’m not totally convinced that I would have picked them up myself.  Conclusion, Sam and I decided, “Hey….why don’t we make this our first contest??”

And here we are!  We want to see how YOU would Zest these twins up.  Maybe you have ideas to refinish them and reupholster them into something fab….or maybe you are so creative that you see how the two can become something totally new and restructured!

Send us your ideas anytime by next Saturday: construction, painting techniques, fabric ideas and the like.  On Sunday, we will announce the winner, who will receive a $30 gift card to The Home Depot.   Then maybe you can pick up that tool or hardware you have been hankering for, on us!

We are so excited to hear what you guys come up with for “upcycling” or “recycling” these old Ikea stools!

~The Zest it Up girlz

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  1. I’m not a designer by any means, but here’s what I think I would do: paint the wood a navy blue, kind of like it is now, and then gloss it up with a shiny coat of something (polyurethane?). Then paint the spindles white. As for the cushions, maybe cover them in a white linen fabric and then put a covering of fishing net over that! Kind of a nautical effect? I am a nautical fan big time. Depending on if the back of the chairs are fabric or if they are wood, maybe even paint a starfish or sea shell on the back.

    BTW- I will be trying your candied ginger recipe tomorrow!

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