DIY Concrete Candle Holder

We did a wedding a few weeks back that displayed some cool concrete candle holders at the desert table. As we were setting them out Chanda and I were getting pretty jealous of how darn cute it looked. It was love at first sight, we needed them!! So off we went to recreate these beauties all the while make them our own. In zest fashion- this is a super easy project that would make for a great gift (wink wink). Start by collecting all sorts of vessels- from squares to cylinders and rectangles. I snagged these goodies at the thrift store as well as the dollar store. One thing to keep in mind is not to fall toooooo in love with any vessel, for example all that glass might get broken through the process!

concrete containers_0000Got all your eclectic pieces? Now time to throw some gloves on and mix your concrete. Simply add water to the proportions on the bag….
concrete containers_0006concrete containers_0007

Stir and you will have a consistency that is not too mushy but also won’t crumble apart in your hand. concrete containers_0008

Next spray all your vessels with some oil to avoid sticking and get an easy release later. concrete containers_0009

Pack your concrete into the molds.

concrete containers_0011

We LOVE the look of copper so we are making some of them pillar candle holders with these copper pipe tubes we snagged at Miners for a few bucks.

concrete containers_0012concrete containers_0014

Once all your goodies are packed in let the concrete set. Although the bag say’s to let it sit for at least 4hrs we gave our beauties a day- we were not about to take any risks! concrete candle holders_0000

Some molds released the concrete super easily! concrete candle holders_0001

Then I brushed the excess debris off with a small broom. concrete candle holders_0002

Other mold’s did not take at all! These little guys were too small- learn from us!! FAIL!concrete candle holders_0003

And then some molds were not popping out so easily, which I warned you might need to do some damage! Break away carefully my friends!concrete candle holders_0004

Clean up the copper with a wet rag…concrete candle holders_0005

Now time to set the mood….concrete candle holders_0006concrete candle holders_0007concrete candle holders_0009

I LOVE how they turned out- industrial but yet still some funky charm. Happy Zesting!!



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