Coffee ice cubes, Rum and Bailey’s- oh my!

Find & Fix it Friday:

What to do when you have extra coffee in the pot?? Well I could think up a few ideas but here is one that makes for a great date night cocktail at home. Not only is it super easy and yummy but I love that we are not wasting one drop of coffee- my grandma Rose would be so proud, haha! If you don’t have the oversized whiskey ice cube containers you should get some- they are awesome!! TJ Max or Home Goods is sure to deliver there. Let’s get to zesting….


Coffee (decaf or regular)

Jumbo ice cube tray



coffee ice cubes_0000

First make your ice cubes with extra coffee and freeze…

coffee ice cubes_0001coffee ice cubes_0002

One shot of bailey’s and one shot of rum, a quick stir and time to sip…

coffee ice cubes_0003coffee ice cubes_0004




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