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Hello Zesters!

What to do when you are stuck at home all day waiting for the internet come and be installed?? (and they still didn’t come after the whole day of waiting- but we won’t got there, lol) At least I was able to do some MAJOR unpacking and organizing in my new home. This was some much needed time to really sort out what I needed to keep and get rid of in my closet, specifically all my accessories. Ehm yesss, I know I have mentioned before that I have a ridiculous amount of trinkets from garage sales to swap meets and goodwills. Lot’s of great costume jewelry and scarves, but let’s face it some of it is out of style, time to organize!! (my favorite)

I wanted to think of some new ways to organize with everyday household objects, after all I got the Zest blood runnin’ through these veins, all about thinking innovatively! Check out what I used to zest up my closet…


13My old way to organize my jewelry

14Now I am going to use an old frame from Goodwill and “display” my jewelry, that way I  can really see what I have and wear it more often rather than having it in my jewelry box or hanging in that plastic organizer on the closet rod. time to go sort out my jewelry…




Now for the scarves…

11I got two plate holders from the thrift store, and now they are a great way to hang the scarves staggered.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd now to the rest of the jewelry…check out the awesome holder my dear friend Brookie made!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll that organizing can work up an appetite, time to move onto the pantry!!


And that’s a wrap!! Now time to move onto the craft room…but that’s for another day! Until then, keep zestin’!



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