Christmas Twig & Yarn Wreath

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I am a sucker for bringing the outdoors inside, remember this project? Ya a lot of people were asking if I had bug issues- hahah! Nope all is well and I am happy with my giant tree branch in my living room ๐Ÿ™‚ And now if that wasn’t enough I am ready to bring the nature to my front door, but in a festive way of course. I have always loved decorating for Christmas and there are definitely some items that are traditional and should be kept that way- nativity scene, star or angel on top of the tree, etc. But when it comes to my front door I have never really had a “traditional wreath.” The last few years I have had an empty picture frame with a giant bow and silver balls hanging- but this year I was feeling a little inspired by my yarn. I also have big hopes to paint the door red this year (we will cross our fingers that this happens before Christmas sometime?? Hey a girl can dream ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, this project is super simple, thrifty and will leave you with a fun and different Christmas wreath for your door. Start by going on a walk. (gotta love when even a house project requires you to slow down for a minute.) Clip off small branches that range in thickness but are all about 4 inches long.

holiday wreath_0000holiday wreath_0001

I was super excited to find some mossy green branches! (this will look FAB with my future red door)holiday wreath_0002holiday wreath_0003

Next up it’s time to get in the zen and wrap about 50% of your branches with yarn. Since I know I will have a red door that I am playing with in my color scheme I decided to only use different shades of green. This will make for an ombre green wreath.ย holiday wreath_0004holiday wreath_0005

Just a few later….holiday wreath_0000

Now it’s time to make the actual wreath, I grabbed an embroidery hoop from the thrift store and started to glue the twigs onto the hoop.ย holiday wreath_0001

Notice how I didn’t just work in a circle- I kind of skipped around to make sure all the twigs were spaced out and at the correct angle for the wreath.ย holiday wreath_0002

After I had a good base of plain twigs I began to add the colored onesholiday wreath_0011

All done!!ย holiday wreath_0003holiday wreath_0004holiday wreath_0005

I am thinking until I paint ย the door red I will add a red bow for pop, can”t wait!!



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