Chocolate dipped Mint Leaves for hosting

Thrifty Thursday:

We are SO close to celebrating the New Year!!! Are you planning a fabulous party?? Or maybe attending one? Well either way, you may need some coffee to stay up until those wee hours so here is a fun idea to make that coffee bar EXTRA special and yummy, after all it is New Years!! This is one of those “martha stewart” hosting tips that is SO easy but get guests feeling extra special and pampered. Plus you can prep these in advance so you can relax and enjoy your party the day of…


  • Mint leaves
  • Dark chocolate
  • Thermometer


First shave up your dark chocolate into chunks to help it melt faster and more evenly. Place 2/3 of your chocolate in a microwave safe glass bowl. Microwave them at 30 second intervals until they are all melted. Stirring with a spatula in between.Taking your bowl of melted chocolate to the counter, add a handful of the remaining unmelted chocolate and stir. Keep adding the unmelted chocolate and stirring until you have brought your melted chocolate down to 82*F. This is very important if you want your chocolate to be beautiful and glossy.

Now it’s time to dunk the leaves! You can have fun with dipping the entire leaf or just the tip. Let them sit to set and harden up completely. If you are doing these in advance I suggest keeping them in a tupperware in a cool environment where they can lay flat not touching each other. You don’t want to place in the fridge for fear of them blooming.


Now display on some fun paper or a platter and you are ready to drop a leaf into your chocolate (or just eat!).


Happy New Years!



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