Cheeky’s, Palm Springs


Ahhh dreaming right now about our awesome mini break in Palm Springs.  With wedding season in high speed, my brain just keeps wandering back to poolside and all the amazing meals in which we indulged.  Seriously scrumptious!

Have you ever heard of Cheeky’s??  After asking locals and frequenters of Palm Springs, we couldn’t resist making a pilgrimage to a place with such a “cheeky” name!  And boy, we were NOT disappointed.

palm springs_0035

I think one of the most tempting things on the menu was a bacon bar.  Say what?  Oh yes, my friend.  They do bacon, and they do it with style!  However, the rest of the menu is off the hook.  It changes from week to week based on what is grown seasonally and locally from their trusted growers.

Actually, in retrospect, the menu was a nightmare!  No seriously.  Everything looked so freaking amazing that Sam and I looked like total nerds.  It was impossible to land on just one choice.  And I hate that we cannot just pop on over any old time that we want to taste other things on the menu.  Ahhhh and my heart aches that everything on the menu will be a thing of the past by the time we get our booties out there again.  Oh well, it will just have to be one of our culinary Meccas.  Moving on…

palm springs_0040

Be forewarned, this place is POPULAR.  Get ready for a wait.  We were lucky because we arrived at a non-mealtime to chow and it just happened to be midweek before the major boom of weekend tourists.  Nicely done, if I say so myself.

palm springs_0036

Sam’s California BLT was insane on quality.  It was absolutely perfect, as was my benedict.  It was completely memorable.  Everything was so dialed, even down to the breads chosen.  Where quality meets simplicity is my little peace of culinary heaven.  Even the veggie loaded bloody mary’s made my cheeks hurt from smiling.  Could that be the reason for the name?  Not feelin’ confident in that…not when you see their mascot on their menu and building.  LOL Go ahead, scroll back up.  You know you want to….it is good for a giggle.

palm springs_0034

Too very cheeky and happy gals!

palm springs_0039

Whoops, well if ya didn’t scroll up…there ya go! Hahahahahaha

palm springs_0037


palm springs_0038


Sam & Chanda

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