DIY Spooky Halloween Poison Bottles

Thrifty Thursday

We are still ghouling-it-up around here at Zest.  It is the day before Halloween weekend and there is still time to add some haunting flare to your home before guests arrive.  I love this project because it is effortless and the result is way too fun!  There is something so dang rewarding when you can bust out a cool project just by gathering a few things around the house that you already have.  Seriously gratifying.

chalk paint bottles_0000chalk paint bottles_0001

All you need are some empty bottles, some chalk paint and either some stickers or some printable labels.

(Note: scroll to the bottom for some cute freebie labels from Two Crafty Hands)

chalk paint bottles_0002

Remove the corks or caps, and give your bottle a dunk for a drippy texture.

chalk paint bottles_0003

Let the excess drip off before you flip it over to create your “drips.”

chalk paint bottles_0004

Once you achieve the drip marks that you like, flip it back over so that it can dry without the paint completely covering the bottle.

chalk paint bottles_0005

For another look, fill a bottle with the chalk paint and shake it up!

chalk paint bottles_0006chalk paint bottles_0007chalk paint bottles_0008

This technique will keep the glass sheen when it dries.

chalk paint bottles_0009

Finally, for a third look, paint the exterior of the bottle with the chalk paint.  You will have to do two coats, but when it dries it will take on a really cool effect.

chalk paint bottles_0010

The final step, once they are dry, is to give your bottles some spooky labels.  These we picked up at Michael’s for cheap, but you can easily print you own.

chalk paint bottles_0000chalk paint bottles_0002

Spooky, spooky.

chalk paint bottles_0001

Happy Halloween!!



p.s. Here are the cute labels, as promised, from Two Crafty Hands

Poison Bottles 2Poison Bottle Labels

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