Carmel Bakery


I adore slowing down and exploring.  Carmel, CA is perfect for strolling around, taking in the sights and enjoying all the beauty.  I feel like every nook and cranny is spilling over with charm.  Whether the gorgeous fire station that had Billy drooling and making plans for San Luis, or just the private gardens that lead clear down to the white sand beaches.  Ahhhh, I just had to share some of this beauty!!

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With the sun shining so bright, we were eager to stop into the Carmel Bakery for some refreshing (and decadent) treats.  I was so excited to share this favorite haunt of mine with Sam and Billy.  I always manage a pilgrimage to this tasty establishment…ready to load up on some fantastic sammys or pastries!


Decisions were hard with all the delectable choices!!!  Yikes!  Did we want ice cream, iced Starbucks coffees or something a tad more sinful?


It is so cool how the Carmel Bakery has kept such an homage to it’s Carmel history for decor.  I just love it.  Hey look!  It’s Mayor Clint Eastwood!!!

(ummm, and check out those pretzels!!  You can actually order a deli sandwich on one of those bad boys.  I am getting hungry!)



We opted for some icy beverages, but we could not dare leave without some more decadent choices.


Haha, get that cannoli Sam…such a good Italian girl.

A seriously YUMMY stop in Carmel!





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