Caravan Pants

How about a side of humor along with your Tuesday dose of trends?

Seriously.  Mommyhood usually has MANY moments of humor.  However, the other morning had me cracking up.  After getting dressed, my daughter looked me up and down (mind you, she is 7), and asked, “Mom?  Are you going outside like that??”  Punk!  Then, my 13 year old son saw me about 10 minutes later and asked, “Mom, are you wearing your pajamas outside?….oh, I mean, I just have to get used to it….it’s a new style.”  Wow.  At least my 10 year old son started to pity me and told me that I looked “hot.”  Hilarious!  Get a load of the fashion discerning police in my house!


This is when I say, “I don’t care!”  I like them and YES I’m going outside in them, gosh darnit.   Personally, I just adore it when trend and comfort blend together perfectly!!!!!

Introducing the caravan pant.

(Warning!!  This trend is being snapped up like hot-cakes all over….from Costco and Old Navy to J. Crew and Anthropologie!)

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 8.14.26 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-07 at 8.15.35 PMSoft, comfortable and not without a bit of elegance…caravan pants are the fashionista’s answer to prayer for an uber long pajama day!

As with most trend worthy fashion statements, there are so many variations that allow for your own personal style to shine.  The above examples are a nice way to timidly dip your toe in the water of becoming a caravan pant girl.  Black, simple, all about the cut.  But, Sam and I have been drooling over some bolder and flirtier options.  Check it out!




923125ef5888f8fd96b3c97c6d78e07f Pinterest



img_3011via Chic Street Style



alicia-0413-21via Alicia Tenise



46dad96f74c95ac5bd9e7fe8d8d52385via Pinterest



imagevia Refinery29


789b50954288997ff3a36a4aed537984via Pinterest



Jcrew+Blouse+and+Zara+Heelsvia Pursuit of Shoes



301d5765bb65fb883ac3eb00a2939cc9via Pinterest



And, Sam’s take on the look!


So, the question remains?  Are you feeling like a caravan pant girl?  I think that a pair with heels for our Vegas trip next weekend is a must!  A little comfy for the strip 🙂



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