Candy Corn Popsicles

Seasonal Sunday

We are tick-tocking our way towards All Hallow’s Eve and we are having fun finding different ways to get our orange n’ black on!

With candy bags finding their way into our shopping carts, it might be time to balance out the sugar rush with a little treat that keeps things a tad healthier.  These are treats that totally make sense for us Californians who still have afternoons ranging in the high 80’s.  Taking a cue from the quintessential candy corn, we grabbed some juices that would scream Halloween fun.

halloween popsicles_0000


pineapple juice

orange juice

vanilla yogurt

(dairy free/vegan option: use coconut cream instead of vanilla yogurt)

halloween popsicles_0001

As with a ton of fun Halloween recipes, this one is simple….but it takes a little bit of planning.  You have to be patient, as each layer needs to have time to freeze before you add the next color/flavor.

Start with the yogurt (or coconut if doing dairy free) layer.  You can simply spoon it into your popsicle form, or fill a ziplock and squeeze it into the forms…whichever technique feels comfortable.

halloween popsicles_0004

Once the yogurt layer is frozen, add your orange juice to create the orange layer.  With this layer, you can add your popsicle sticks so that they freeze in place.
halloween popsicles_0006

I love that this mold uses simple wooden popsicle sticks.  It was such a cool find from the thrift store!  We love having a little vintage flare in the kitchen.

halloween popsicles_0007

Back into the freezer they go!

halloween popsicles_0008

Once the orange layer freezes, it is time to add the yellow layer, aka the pineapple juice.

halloween popsicles_0009

halloween popsicles_0010

Once all your layers are frozen, it is time to pass out some chilly Halloween fun!  We kept things festive with a little bit of spider web ribbon.  Why not?  This is the time to make food fun!

halloween popsicles_0000

Gotta love those moments that make you still feel like a kid!

The major bonus is that these little cuties will not bring on a sugar crash.
halloween popsicles_0002


Sam & Chanda

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