Can You Say Petunia Pickle Bottom??

This post is kind of impressive today, because I am highlighting a trend with some MAJOR staying power.  And if you can believe it, it is a stinkin’ diaper bag (oh, pun totally intended 🙂 ).

I had my first child 13 years ago next month.  It has been an incredible, awesome journey that has me reeling that I will officially be the mother of a teenager.  YIKES!  I loved my days of babies and toddlers, but I really am enjoying the phases of my motherhood with relish.  I remember doing a jig every time one of my children outgrew the carseat…..when Evangeline is finally done with her booster, I may be tempted to take a sledge hammer to the sucker (just because I have too much of an environmental conscious to set the thing on fire).

With all that said, you could imagine my surprise when at a baby shower this weekend, I discovered that the uber trendy and coveted Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag was still an unquestionable #1 choice for mommies-to-be.  Perhaps it is the quintessentially whimsical name, but more practically it has to do with the off-the-hook designs that this company keeps shooting out to all the adoring pregger ladies!  So, I decided to prowl and turn up some of the stellar designs that have given Petunia Pickle Bottom it’s staying power!


Via Rosenberry Rooms


Via Pinterest


Via Sugar Babies


Via Rosenberry Room


Via Project Nursery


Via Rosenberry Room


Via Sugar Babies


Via Rosenberry Room

Total cuteness right?  Beauty, form and function making a happy marriage for sure!  But, wahhhhh….I am completely out of the baby phase.  I still want one!  Good news, Petunia Pickle Bottom has created a less baby-oriented line that I am hankering to indulge in.


Via Pinterest


Via Rosenberry Room


Via Rosenberry Room


Via Rosenberry Room


Via Rosenberry Room

Oh, and I guess it’s nice that they considered the dads…because we do not want to be doing all the diaper changing ladies!  So, here are some very manly bags that will make it even easier for him to take the kiddos and give you a bit of the afternoon.


Via Nordstrom


Via Posh Tots

Phew.  How’s that for a Trendy Tuesday!  So much color, texture, and staying power!  Way to go Petunia Pickle Bottom on cornering the market on fabulosity for the preggers-set for the last 13 years or so! 🙂



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