Camatta Ranch Wedding

What’s Up Wednesday

Congratulations Ray & Lindsey

This wedding has a special place in our hearts- not only did we get our dear little kitties from their wedding venue, but this couple is just down right adorable. Ray and Lindsey have been together for 9 years!! And here they got married the day before their anniversary- it was magical. They also are true zesters- they had a total DIY wedding with adorable personal details. They literally only rented the white folding chairs- otherwise all the details were made or thrifted . The venue, Camatta Ranch, was amazing too. With large towering oak trees and stars to light up the sky at night and a toasty bonfire- guests felt as if it were a true backyard wedding. In fact many stayed and camped! So fun!


Guests were brought in on hay rides and the classic old school Lazy Arrow Adventures caravan…


They then had their ceremony our near a big oak tree with church pews that Ray and Lindsey scored! (true zesters I tell ya)

Ray and Lindsey made these LEGIT tables all by hand!!


And she thrifted a unique plate for every guest….so fun to see all the different colors, shapes, and patterns.


It’s all in the details…

Fresh sprigs of rosemary

Muslim textured napkins

Colorful plates and flowers

Love it!



Loving the rustic branded favor cup and the indiana jones escort car! ha!


They also had a legit watering hole with all home brewed beers!


We came with some pretty yummy appetizers too đŸ™‚


The party was getting started!!! They had an intimate family style meal- so perfect for those extra long picnic style tables.


And as the sun began to set the magical lighting was cued!


So sweet.



We adored her cocktail dress for the evening- it was so retro, fun, and dainty. Later we learned it was her mother’s wedding dress, so sweet.


And the cherry on top? Or shall I say gelato? MMMHHHMMM. YEP you got it.


We were so honored to zest these love birds wedding and couldn’t be more happy for them!



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