Cabinet turned serving tray

Remember that amazing work shop I showed you yesterday and that legit cutting board I made? Well…yaaaa I made a few things in what I will now call “Santa’s workshop.” Only thing was instead of making gifts for friends I was selfish and made a bunch of fun goodies for my house- oops! I couldn’t resist! I know I mentioned that my friend’s Dad makes cabinets, hence his amazing woodworking shop. So with that, there were some old cabinet doors that were leftover from some jobs. No use in letting those go to waste! I got to zesting! Now you may not have a friend with extra cabinet doors laying around, but hit up ReStore or a thrift store and you are sure to find some!!


Cabinet door

Stain (if you need it), it may already be the color you want

Leather strips


4 Bolts and nuts

drawer tray_0000

I decided to match the cabinet to the dark wood in the rest of my home so I did a quick stain….and then let it dry.

drawer tray_0004drawer tray_0005

Next I put a clear coat of sealer on the tray and let dry again.I LOVED the outcome- so gorgeous!!

drawer tray_0007

After my tray was all dry and sealed (this was a few days process) I grabbed the drill and measured symmetrical holes on both sides of the door.

drawer tray_0006

Next I cut strips of the leather a little past the length of my holes to create handles.
drawer tray_0008drawer tray_0009

I marked the leather with a quick drill but then used a leather hole punch to create the actual holes.

drawer tray_0010drawer tray_0011

Next I simply screwed in the bolts through the leather and into the hole to create secure handles.

drawer tray_0012drawer tray_0013

Time to put it to use!!

drawer tray_0014

I love the look on my ottoman couch, can’t wait to host with my new serving tray!!



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