Boozy Cantaloupe with Limoncello

Seasonal Sunday

Growing up in LA, one of my favorite treats as a teenager was going to La Frite with my mom.  It was a classic French bistro that felt a bit like you had stepped back in time to the early 1960’s.  I think that is why my mom adored it…she had actually been a teenager who grew up in Paris.  Can you even imagine a world where your prom was on a bateaux cruising down the Seine or on the Eiffel Tour at a level kissing the sky?  Another world, for sure.  In a time of civil unrest, students revolting by digging up pavers to chuck at the gendarmes, a time when President du Gaulle was no longer welcoming of Americans within French borders, and the peek of the sexual revolution….you can imagine that her stories are boundless!

It was sharing in French cuisine and culture that so many of those stories would bubble to the surface.  I think that may have been the draw for me when it came to our visits to La Frite.  With each pommes frites and Salade Nicoise, I grew closer to my mother…seeing her as a teenager herself.  But let’s not be brash!  The food was pretty darn epic in and of itself.  True French cuisine is stellar.  It impresses with subtlety and grace.  This is my inspiration behind this little recipe.  At La Frite for brunch, they would serve up glorious cantaloupe halves soaked in the cherry infused Grand Marnier.  It was utterly delightful and felt like such an occasion.  Instead of cherry though, I opted for an Italian “cousin.”  I figured that the bright lemony flavor of limoncello would turn any cantaloupe into a party!  100% befitting any brunch table this spring!
limoncello cantaloupe_0000

Boozy Cantaloupe

1 cantaloupe, cubed

1 cup limoncello

strawberries for garnish

mint for garnish

limoncello cantaloupe_0001Simply cube your cantaloupe and place it in a non-reactive bowl (aka glass, ceramic, or plastic will do the trick!).limoncello cantaloupe_0002Grab your limoncello and give your cantaloupe a good dowse.  One cup was the perfect measurement for me.  You can get our limoncello recipe here.limoncello cantaloupe_0003Give the cantaloupe a mix and then cover with seran wrap and place it in the fridge to chill while it gets drunk.  I like to marinate mine for at least one hour, but you can totally let it soak overnight.  I just like to poke my head in and give it a good stir a few times so that everything is flavoring up evenly.limoncello cantaloupe_0004

When it comes time to serve, give your guests a good portion of melon and don’t forget to spoon over some of the liquor.  I simply topped mine with a fresh strawberry.  The flavor was magic!

limoncello cantaloupe_0005

So, whether a little French or a little Italian is the sentiment of the day, this quick recipe will do just the trick.  A touch of sophistication and a whole lot of flavor!

Bon apetit!



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