Bless you Heart Bakery


Ok so we all know that our dear Chanda Panda and Kristi and gluten free gals, which I assume can be quite frustrating when you are craving a nice fatty sandwich. But not for long, have you made your way to Bless your Heart Bakery yet?? Not only do they make all gluten free goodies but they are the sweetest most down to earth ladies. I am not gluten free and I seriously crave their sourdough bread, the perfect crunch!! Seriously love my crunch in a sandwich. Rosemary (love her name!!) started up her business back in the 90’s  to help meet the needs of gluten free family members and friends, now she bakes with her daughter and granddaughter- keeping it in the family!!




Check out all her fabulous goodies….


For the sandwich you can pick a special or build your own!


blessyourheartbakery_paso_robles_1976You can tell that everything is made with LOVE!


Tera also joined our gluten free bakery adventure- nerd!!! We were pretty excited to eat!!

We ordered up “build your own” sandwiches that had everything from turkey to meat loaf and beets to cheese and aioli!!



They are working on creating a charming patio space- can’t wait to enjoy that this coming summer!!


Pure Happiness, this will definitely be a place we will frequent!!


Tera, Chanda, & Sam

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