Blackmarket Bakery


With the nippy air and frost on the windows, I am fondly thinking back to our visit to Costa Mesa.  The warm sun and the cool haunts.  I kind of dig how so many entrepreneurs are “beating to their own drums” down there!

Case in point: Blackmarket Bakery

You know that there is something special inside when you are greeted at the door with this cool contraption.  Obviously, this establishment views flour and sugar as pure fuel!


“A Conscious Moment of Indulgence”


The eye candy is serious!  Between all the cool decor and merchandise, you might get a tad distracted from the star of the show.  Just check out those pastries!!!!



Aside from all gorgeous baked goods, I think my favorite thing about this joint are all the uber cool lighting fixtures.  Do you spy those birthday cake chandeliers made from pots in the pic above?Blackmarket_Bakery_1533

Ok, back to the baked goods.  Ohhhh the bread!


I love the whimsy of this place!  And forget about it!! They carry Stumptown for Pete’s sake!!!!



Rolling pin or weapon?  Depends on the mood 😉


I soooo wish Evie could have seen these adorable miniatures.  Did not know that anything could be cuter than a vintage stove….until I saw it shrunk down to Smurf size!


Some more of that dang whimsy!  They have scrabble, chess, and board games in spades!  How can anyone resist a bakery with Stumptown, delicious eats AND it encourages you to stay and hang a while?  The added perk is that Blackmarket Bakery is in The Camp.  If you have not checked out The Camp, click the link to see a bit from our visit.  Such a cool place!


All-in-all Blackmarket Bakery gets all smiles from Sam and me…they rank high for being decadent, casual, whimsical and welcoming.  I am not going to talk about the fudgy dark chocolate concoction that we devoured back at the hotel room (at like 11pm…ouch!).  I believe it was called Cookie Monster Bread Pudding.  Oh, boy…I will be dreaming of that treat for a long time to come! 😉

Happy Mmmmonday!!



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