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For the past few weeks, my roommate Ari and I have been slowly moving in to our new apartment. With endless natural light and an architectural design from yesteryear (pretty certain it was built in the early 1900’s) it is just about as cute as can be. However, that doesn’t mean we didn’t completely zest this nest!

This past weekend I took a relaxing trip to Oakhurst, Calif. (a little mountain town just outside of Yosemite) to help my boyfriend, Mike, move home all his stuff from San Luis Obispo (welcome to the grad life…). With the help of Mike’s entire fam, we were able to help move all his stuff back into storage. In the process of filling up the garage, I found a hidden treasure wedged behind an old 72′ BMW motor, some 50’s and 60’s bicycles, and a net of black widow webs. Ahhh, a beautiful old, rusty bike wheel! Bent and bruised from an unfortunate speed bump accident, this little wheel was out of biking commission. However, that didn’t exempt it from some zesty lovin’ 🙂 With the help of some fabric scraps, old gold necklace chains, hemp string, feathers, and hot glue, I was able to repurpose this wacky wheel into a modish mobile. Take a look at the newest artsy addition to our mellow yellow kitchen.


Here’s the wheel! I left on the light and speedometer clip but you can definitely take them off if you’d prefer.


Here are some fabric scraps, feathers, string, beads and chains that I had in my art box junk. I think you could use just about anything you’d like 🙂


With a hot glue gun and some scissors, I cut some circles out out of my fabric and glued the centers together to create a sort of flower. So simple!


Even better when attached to the spokes…


Now hang some feathers, chains, flowers, paper cranes light bulbs (may have to add on some light to this one soon…) or whatever else your heart desires. And there you have it!




Home sweet home.

More DIY home decor soon to come, so stay posted!


wheels keep on turnin’,



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