Best Hand Poured DIY Solid Perfume

Scents just get me…whether it’s a candle, a fresh picked rose or a perfume scent… they often have the ability to bring me back to a time and place that makes me smile. I love the magic of scent and how it can transform your emotions or symptoms, which is probably another reason why I love essential oils. Nature has so much to offer and we can capture it to just make life better. That’s exactly my motive here with this hand poured beeswax perfume. A little bit of essential oils and it can be the perfect “pick me up” throughout the day, the perfect accessory to your next girls night out, or the remedy to massage on some throbbing temples. Simply find an essential oil combo of three that fits YOU and your needs best. This is how you build your scent….

Top note: first scent- 20 drops

Middle note: stay’s longest- 35 drops

Base: underlying scent- 25 drops

Recipe: 1 tablespoon bees wax + 1 teaspoon jojoba oil + essential oils + 1 teaspoon shea butter

Cut about a tablespoon (or eyeball how big your container is) of beeswax and melt with double broil technique. (boiling hot water with another bowl on time with bees wax melting in it). You can also add your shea butter and jojoba oil.

Once melted, choose your essential oils and work fast! I stirred mine all together with a little cocktail stick- wowzers did it all smell amazing!

Time to pour your concoction into your vessel.

I made a solid perfume locket AND had extra for some little caps to fill for keeping in my purse.

Within a few minutes your beeswax will set and harden completely, now it’s time to rub and smell fabulous!

Gotta love an accessory that is not only stylish but functioning as a perfume re-stock throughout the day!!

Stay fabulous zesties!




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