Berry and Almond Cream Pastry with Store Bought Dough

Savouring Sunday

With days growing longer and hinting at the laziness of summer, it feels only appropriate to brunch.  Whether you manage an organized brunch for all your ladies, or you just pull together a simple late morning meal for two, you have got to take advantage of the berries this season.  Here in California, we are all so excited for our strawberry season.  With all the rain and the chill at night, we are in for a bountiful supply of the fresh crimson berries.  I love throwing them in my smoothies and salads, along with just snacking on them straight out of the basket.  But, this little gem of a recipe combines their tart and sweet taste with the creamy sweetness of almond cream…along with the cinchy ease of using store bought crescent dough.  How much do you love taking shortcuts like refrigerated dough and elevating it with a few super quick steps?  This is such a delicious recipe and it is perfect for any occasion.  It whips up so quickly, and will always look impressive!  Time to be a kitchen genius!!almond paste puff pastry_0000

Fresh Berry and Almond Cream Pastry

2 packages of crescent rolls (8 rolls each)

1/2 cup almond butter

1/4 tsp pure almond extract

1 package of low fat cream cheese

1/4 cup of honey

Fruit and fresh berries for top

almond paste puff pastry_0001Give your crescent roll packages a pop!  Taking one whole package (8 crescent rolls), gently unroll the dough to make one large rectangle on top of a parchment paper or Silpat lined baking sheet.  This will not only prevent sticking, but make it easier to move the finished pastry to a serving platter without crumpling up the pastry.  almond paste puff pastry_0002Taking the second package of crescent dough, gently unroll it into a rectangular shape and cut it into 7 strips with a pizza roller.almond paste puff pastry_0003Taking three at a time, gently braid the dough and place it along one of the long edges of your rectangle.  This will give your pastry a decorative “lip” for the filling.  Repeat again for the second side of the rectangle.almond paste puff pastry_0004almond paste puff pastry_0005Taking the remaining strip, cut it in half and gently twist it to create height for the shorter sides of the rectangle.almond paste puff pastry_0006almond paste puff pastry_0007almond paste puff pastry_0008Time to bake this beauty according to package directions.  A 350* oven is perfect!  Then, move on to the almond cream “filling.”
almond paste puff pastry_0009First, whip the cream cheese until it is fluffy.  Then add in the remaining ingredients, whipping it nice and fast so that your filling has a lovely whipped texture.almond paste puff pastry_0010almond paste puff pastry_0011Final step while your crescent dough is baking, prep your berries.  Nom nom!almond paste puff pastry_0012Pull the crescent dough out once it is beautifully golden.almond paste puff pastry_0013Let your pastry cool completely before you load on the almond cream and berries.almond paste puff pastry_0014almond paste puff pastry_0015Hungry yet?almond paste puff pastry_0016almond paste puff pastry_0017almond paste puff pastry_0018See what I mean??  Ri-DUNK-u-lous!!!  This is such a great way to impress your friends and family, while keeping things insanely calm and chill in the kitchen!  Gahhhhhh, now the trick is to not eat half of it by yourself.  Oh boy, time to go to the gym!



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