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Good morning, lovelies!  It is the first Monday of 2016 and it is time to warm up!  We are revving our engines and getting our caffeine fix at Bello Mundo…a little latte and some gluten free treats to start the week off right!

bello mundo_0009

bello mundo_0007

bello mundo_0008

We adore the bright airy space for tackling some computer work, meeting up with clients and friends, but most importantly, for filling up on some awesome bean juice!  I do not know about you, but I love the dark nectar so much that I sometimes forget to drink water.  Ummm, are five cups a day a little extravagant?  Yep, that is why I made drinking water an actual New Year’s resolution, peeps! LOLbello mundo_0006

bello mundo_0005

Nom, nom, nom….bello mundo_0000bello mundo_0001bello mundo_0002

The almond milk lattes are where it’s at y’all.  So delicious!bello mundo_0001Ok, this may be a little slip up on the good ol’ New Year’s resolutions, but we had to share some nibbles of this decadently flaky chocolate croissant.  Oh well, life is short, right?bello mundo_0002bello mundo_0003
bello mundo_0004We are for sure some very happy girls!
bello mundo_0010

We are so ready to conquer the week now!!  Thank you sweet Bello Mundo for fueling us up!  You are a favorite in San Luis Obispo.


Chanda & Sam





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