Basil in Paso Robles

The other night, Sam and I found ourselves without hubbies around…both were out of town for separate occasions.  Since I had a wedding rehearsal and a wedding the next day, my kiddos were at Grammy’s house for a sleepover.  What to do??  LOL, free time!!!

So, Sam and I grabbed some crazy delicious food at Basil in Paso Robles, and then caught a showing of “We are Back Pitches!”  It was such a fun night, and the food was so ridiculous that we just had to share with you.  If you are a Thai food fan, you have got to hit the town square in Paso Robles, CA and stop in for a bite.  Trust me, it will be a treat for your tastebuds!


I adore the quaint charm of hanging out around the square.  The park is so beautiful, and the trees make everything feel so magical.  Such a beautiful ambiance for all the restaurants to look out on!


The assortment of appetizers at Basil is decently extensive.  Sam and I were in the mood to try something new, and could not have been happier with our selection.  Check out Meaing Kum (aka spinach wraps)!  Each compartment was filled with tasty treats for building baby Thai tacos: fresh ginger, diced lime, toasted coconut, red onion, peanuts and a deliciously sweet and sticky sauce.  Fresh, bold and so good for you!  I think we both have a new favorite!


Onto some hardier grub, we decided that we had to order something with their signature crispy basil.  We decided to rock some fresh salmon with a sauce that would trick us into thinking we were having a curry as well.  Haha perfect plan of attack for two girls who can never decide when looking at a menu….cuz we want it all!!

Mmmmmm coconut!

Chu Chee Salmon:

Grilled salmon fillet and vegetables sauteed in Chu Chee curry sauce with crispy basil.


We balanced out our family-style-dive-in-type-meal with some good old rice noodles…I wanted my noodles! 🙂

Pad See Eaw Noodle:

Wok fried flat rice noodles with sweet soy sauce, carrots, and broccoli

Wash it all down with some chilled Nigori…and you have got two very happy girls!!

Props up to Basil for rockin’ some fabulous cuisine!  Thank you for being so bold in flavor and crazy fresh!  It made for a delicious girlz night out 🙂





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