Barn-Chic Christmas Tree

It’s time to deck the halls!  Of course, Christmas lights are gorgeous and magical….but they do nothing for your home in the harsh light of day.  Solution?  I went to my wood pile to scrounge around for some ideas.

2012-11-26 04.16.48Yikes!  It’s grown!  I swear I’m not a hoarder, just a treasure hunter.  Can you see a gem lurking in there?  How about an uber cute Christmas tree with a flare of barn-chic?  Enter my jigsaw, table-saw, screwdriver, paint, sander, glue, glitter and ramshackle pieces of hardware. 🙂  Ahhhh, the recipe for a fun hour of creativity!

2012-11-26 04.13.13First, I measured out random pieces of scrap wood and figured out my basic design.  Then I busted out the silver spray paint to add some holiday razzle-dazzle.  Wow, that was bright!  Time for a light sanding to cut down on that glare…ahhh, now I was loving the color and texture.

2012-11-26 04.20.42

Onto the assembly.

2012-11-26 04.14.38I kept some pieces just as they were, beautifully weathered.  The color and texture were looking fab, but it needed something more…so, I moved on over to my metal scrap pile 🙂 .

2012-11-26 04.27.09This rusty spring from an old couch was the perfect bit of rustic charm for my silver board.

2012-11-26 04.36.21I had made these glitter clothes pins a while ago and thought that this would be the perfect piece to make a home for my glittery little cuties.  This will be such a precious way to display Christmas cards: on a barn-wood Christmas tree.  Now for the tree-topper…

2012-11-26 04.34.10I had these little wood discs, some glitter and some spray adhesive.  It turned out to be a sweet background for an old brass knob.

2012-11-26 04.44.03

Talk about some rustic charm for Christmas!

2012-11-26 05.10.20

Btw, this turned out soooo dang cute, that I made a second one with a slight variation.

2012-11-26 05.16.22This one might be my favorite, so far.

2012-11-26 05.16.50Both of these cuties sold at the Edna Valley Christmas Boutique….but I’m making more, ‘cuz I want one!

Keep tuning in on how to Zest Up your holidays for the tail-end of 2012!



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