Banana Egg Rolls

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I know what you’re thinking… Banana eggrolls? What does that even mean?! That sounds disgusting… But I’m just going to say right now I didn’t even like bananas before I tried this tasty treat. That’s right, this sweet dessert (no, its NOT the normal savory egg roll you’re thinking of) singlehandedly converted me into a banana eater. Creamy, crunchy, and scrum-diddily-umptios quite literally, all rolled into one of the most amazing desserts ever! Oh, and did I mention it has Nutella in it? Wipe the drool off your chin and keep reading.

Recipe for Banana Egg Rolls

What you need:

– 2 bananas

– Nutella

– Peanut butter (obvious choice, crunchy — none of that creamy junk)

– 1 package of egg roll wraps (These can some times be hard to find as not every grocery store carries them. They have to be kept refrigerated so don’t run to the Asain food isle! Check near fruits, veggies, dairy or other places with refrigeration. If all else fails, just ask!)

– 3 tablespoons Crisco (Yeah, I know I’m all about health, but this is about as unhealthy as my cooking gets. At least it has bananas right?)

– 3 tablespoons cinnamon sugar

– 3 tablespoons powedered sugar

– 1/4 cup dried cranberries if desired

Once you have tried this recipe, you may feel adventurous and want to add in a bunch of other goodies (candies, fruits, jams/jellies, nuts, or anything else sweet). I say go big or go home. I also recommend you try this a la mode. It’s to die for!

IMG_1103 copy

Time to go bananas on this recipe…

Grab a cutting board and let’s slice up those ‘naners!


Now for the assembly…


Make sure you lay the bananas like shown in the picture! It will make sense once you wrap them up 🙂

Next up, use a spoon to spread on your gooey goodness. Be gentle because the wraps are delicate!

IMG_1113 copy

IMG_1114 copy

IMG_1115 copy

Here’s where things get tricky… Rolling an egg roll is easier said than done and can be a little frustrating if you dont have someone to show you how. Thankfully, you have me and the entire world of youtube if you’re really lost 😉

You want to have clean, dry hands and a small bowl or glass of water that you can dip your fingers into. You may add a little sugar to the water if you’d like more “stick” to your egg rolling. A clean rag to dry your hands on wouldn’t hurt to have either.

This is where you will want to harvest your inner Chipotle burrito folding skills (but seriously, how do they fold those massive things?!). Take the bottom corner of your eggroll and use a little water to wet the end of it. Gently stick it to the top of your inside fillings, as you see below.

IMG_1116 copy

Use a little water on the outer corners of the wrap and fold them inward like an envelope.

IMG_1117 copy

Water the remaining exposed edges and corner of your wrap and roll it out! Try to keep it tight and neat without splitting the wrap. It may take a few trys before you get the hang of it 🙂


Heat up that Crisco on a frying pan at a medium heat. Be patient and don’t have it on too high or you will burn these little guys!


Using a pair of tongs, gently drop your egg rolls into the pan and continue turning them until you get a nice golden brown.


Put the rolls onto a paper towel once they are finished. This will help soak up some of that grease!


You’re not done rolling just yet… Now you have to coat the outside of the egg rolls with either cinnamon sugar or powedered sugar. Who are you kidding though? Why not both!

IMG_1124 copy


And there you have it folks. A tasty dessert you’ll go absolutely bananas for!




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    Awesome recipe! Gonna have to give this one a try for the kiddos. Next time give coconut oil a try in lieu of crisco…better for ya’! Mike looks happy!!

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