Baked Avocado Boat Eggs with Harissa

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I am 100% a California girl at heart.  What does that mean in the culinary world?  Basically, I can not imagine a world where Hass avocados are not an all-day, everyday necessity.  I vividly remember growing up with a Hass in my backyard.  It was genius!  While playing outside all day and working up an appetite, my happiest food memory was picking fresh lemons and avocados.  My mom would bust out some homemade lemonade while I split open a Hass avocado and gave it a good squeeze of fresh lemon and salt.  I would then dive in with a spoon and delight in the rich, buttery goodness.  Geesh!  My mouth is happy just thinking about it.  There is something so nourishing about picking your own food and enjoying a bounty that was ripened in the California sun!

Today I figured why not share a little recipe that reflects my childhood addiction with my adult addiction to spice.  Time to pair my beloved avocado with some complex flavored Harissa chili paste.  Yum!egg in an avocado with harissa_0000

Baked Avocado Boat Eggs with Harissa

2 avocados

4 eggs

4 tbls Harissa chili paste (click link for recipe)

Sea salt, to taste                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    egg in an avocado with harissa_0001Grab a shallow baking dish and set your oven for 425*.  You want a high temperature because cooking eggs at a lower temperature will produce a rubbery egg.  Yuck!egg in an avocado with harissa_0002Cut your avocados in half, scoop out the seed, and slice an ever-so-tiny amount off the back so that they do not feeble-wobble in the dish.egg in an avocado with harissa_0003Scrape out a bit of the flesh to make the opening in each avocado a bit larger.  You want to be able to crack an egg into each half without it spilling over too badly.egg in an avocado with harissa_0004Giving each one a pinch of sea salt, they are ready for the oven.egg in an avocado with harissa_0005Bake them for 15-20 minutes…just give them a peek at 15 minutes to see if they are set because you do not want to overcook these beauties! egg in an avocado with harissa_0006Topping these beautiful baked eggs with our Harissa puts the final crown of glory on this dish!  Paired with some simple asparagus, these make for the perfect light dinner or a wonderful dish for brunch.  Oh boy, sooo good!

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