Baby Girl Shower Necklace Activity

Ok you guys, are you ready to take a journey with me on this post? Do you see those sweet two girls to my right in that picture. Meet Sammy and Brooke, my dear friends who both have babies, well it’s embarrassing to say they are not really babies anymore. Embarrassing you ask? Well this post should’ve gone up long ago but what’s awesome about this post is how it goes full circle. Back when Brooke had her baby shower for little Taylor, Sammy and I planned some fun festivities! One which was all of the ladies at the shower sat in a circle and strung a beaded necklace for her, but just before stringing on each bead we each said a prayer, hope, or wish for little baby Taylor. As time went and Taylor was old enough to wear the necklace she beemed knowing it was made with love. As one would expect, the necklace broke while playing. What makes this post so fun and full circle is Taylor was able to string on the beads with me for a craft day.

Man does this little sweet girl bring tears to my eyes. She is such a fun sweet spirited girl and it was a joy to craft with her. I can’t wait to craft with her more!!

I hope this shower craft inspires you!!

Love you Tay Tay!

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