Autumn Leaf Crafts to do with Kids (or by Yourself!)

Find it & Fix it Friday

Ohhh, I can already feel the tease of the days growing shorter!  I am so ready for autumn to show itself around here.

One of my personal favorite things to do as the season begins to change is to collect the little gems that nature has to offer.  The kids and I love finding acorns, twigs, and fall leaves to bring home and dream up crafts to showcase their beauty.   There are so many “out-of-the-box” ideas floating around, that I thought I would share some that have me excited for crafting this autumn!




I adore this idea!  These autumn leaf fairy lights from Wallflower Girl are simply adorable!  I think this DIY is a must for this fall.  Evangeline and I are going to try making these, but with those little copper wire twinkle lights.  I am so excited about the whimsy!







Can you believe the cleverness?  I found these leaf craft animals on Cool Mom Picks.  They kind of remind me of playing the cloud game, you know when you spend time gazing up at the sky and figuring out what shapes you see in the clouds?  Love this idea!  It is a great one to do with your kids…just get ready for some giggles!



ok, these are just cool.  Leaf bowls with air dry clay from Urban Comforts.  I want a collection!



I love how the color of the leaves will stay pretty vibrant thanks to Mod Podge with this Leaf Bowl from shelterness



Some consider glitter to be the nemesis of the crafting world.  It truly does wind up everywhere…so maybe do this one out on the grass?  I just think the beauty of this glitter leaf garland by House of Jade it is so worth some glitter play!



What can I say about this project?  It is perfect!  The thankful garland by The Sweetest Occasion includes ombre, gold, and thankfulness.  Done!  It could not get better!  Such a fun way to get creative with the kids, thinking about all the things that make them thankful.  What a great way to appreciate their world and getting to know your little one’s heart!



Lastly, the printed leaf tablecloth by Funtober is a project that is both beautiful and practical.  It is a great idea for getting your kiddos involved with getting ready for the season.  I think meals around the table are the best gift we can give our children and ourselves, even if it does not work out 7 days a week.  Make the time around the table special, and let the kiddos help make it special!  They will love it 🙂


Phew, I think that more leaves had better start turning!  We have a lot of leaves to collect!

Happy counting down to autumn!



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