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Here’s a little throwback to help you and the kiddos run outside for a bit of gathering between rain showers.  Collect up all sorts of treasures that have been knocked out of the trees and swirled in the wind.  Then you will all be prepared for a fun craft hour when the skies start to dump again! (Lol, I admit that I am sounding like a dramatic Californian when it comes to water falling from the sky LOL)


Minion Monday

I am a born and raised LA girl.  I grew up going on adventures in Downtown LA, attending ballets, museums, live theatre, hiking Griffith Park, hanging out at the mall, and body surfing the excellent beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica.  Honestly, it was a pretty rad childhood.  But as I was raising three kids amongst the traffic and smog, I found myself craving something different….something very different.  That is when my hubby and I decided to relocate to the Central Coast.  I remember when we first moved up to San Luis Obispo, I would take the kids on a hike literally every single day.  My mantra that I chanted to them was “Breathe deep guys, your lungs will heal!”  Hahaha, well the hiking has literally never stopped for our family.  We adore playing and exploring as a family.  Some families love to go to the movies or bowling, but we bond over kayaking, hiking, repelling (ummm at least the boys do! I’m too chicken), hiking, and camping.  The move up here seriously fed all our souls deeply.

With that said, I guess it’s no surprise that a lot of my crafting with the kids tends to circle around nature and exploring.
owl kid's craft_0000

When hiking around in Winter and Fall, you get a chance to collect up so many cool textures.  Yes, the wildflowers that are popping up now are gorgeous, but I really love the natural elements that have a bit more staying power.  Pressing wildflowers is beautiful, but why not get creative with some of Winter’s debris?
owl kid's craft_0001Supplies

found bark

found twigs

found acorn caps (or eucalyptus buttons)

goggly eyes from a craft store

store bought pumpkin seeds (or ones you harvest yourself)

hot glue gun

a thrift store frame
owl kid's craft_0002Hahaha sometimes my crazy Evangeline requires some snackable bribery to sit still long enough to create (most times she would much rather be up a tree!)  How dang cute could she possibly be??owl kid's craft_0003I tend to operate the hot glue gun for safety….mine is NOT a low heat variety.

Place a bit of glue on the bark where you want the eyes, nose and such.  We used the acorn caps for the eyes, along with the goggly eyes.  The pumpkin seeds make for a great owl beak.  Get creative and create all sorts of animals with your nature findings!  Sky is the limit!owl kid's craft_0004We hot glued them onto their branch and then hot glued it to the outside of a frame.  It just so happened that our frame had a photo of a tree canopy.  It turned out pretty cool.owl kid's craft_0005owl kid's craft_0006Evangeline has already hung it in her room!  Go figure, a girl who likes to climb trees has a “picture” of a tree canopy.  She is now in full swing of trying to decorate her whole room with owls.  My nutty girl is just as crazy about animals as she is about trees.  Her mission is veterinarian science….a little different from my girl dream of becoming a prima ballerina!  Ha!  Man I love her!!

Happy Monday




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