Apple Cider Vinegar

For many of you, I do not think it’s a surprise that I adore natural remedies.  In fact, I have not taken an antibiotic since I was about 10 years old….achemmmmm that means not in 28 years!!!  Haha, it seems that I love outing my age!  And why not?  Honestly, age is such a state of mind.  If you eat well (ok, splurging every now and again, like the few renegade macarons that wound up in mouth today when baking…is not going to kill me), routinely getting your groove on with some fun workouts (Zumba, strength training and hiking are my jams), getting enough sleep (ummm, still have not disciplined myself here), and laughing with your loved ones goes a long way in keeping you healthy and young.

However, I like to keep a few things in my arsenal to help my immune system along.  After all, I am a mom of three school aged kids…hello germs!  Apple cider vinegar just happens to be one of my “go-to’s.”  It may surprise some of you how many health benefits come from this “condiment” that many simply use in salad dressing.  Actually, the raw and unfiltered variety has so many benefits that it warrants a nip on a daily basis.  Check out some of those benefits in this article, among which are listed healing a sore throat, relieving stuffy noses, boosting energy, aiding weight loss, and helping to whiten teeth.


Have I won you over?  If you are willing to give it a try, here is my basic recipe:

Using one tablespoon of vinegar, mix in fresh water and a stir of honey or agave to sweeten the deal.

(note: you can dilute the vinegar even more if you find it too sour)


This tonic can be served up hot or cold.

Ready to take a shot?!



Oh my goodness, Kristi and Jessica had me reeling!  I guess it is a taste that grows on you.  Check out Jessica’s puckered face!!  Too funny!  But so loved their willingness to try something new for their health.

I also found these nifty uses here

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.13.05 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.13.20 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.13.30 PM



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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