Anthropologie Blanket with Pompom Tassels Hack

I can remember the glorious moment when Anthropologie opened it’s store on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. It was my first time seeing their beautifully curated collections and I was IMMEDIATELY hooked! On a street littered with street performers and cool restaurants, Anthropologie instantaneously became my mecca for unique finds and a true shopping experience. To this day, I have watched them refine and perfect their collections and my obsession continues.
I often find myself taking pictures of their store displays and ogling their creations online. Unfortunately, their price range tends to be out-of-reach for my pocket book…but I don’t let that stop me! Instead, if I fall in love with something, I try to DIY myself towards contentment. LOL At least, that is the case with this pompom tasseled blanket. Ready? Let’s hack away!!

A wire basket full of balls of wool yarn in mustard, purple, and sage sitting next to a mustard colored linen blanket

I had been loving all the whimsical tassels and pompoms at Anthropologie, and when I found this mustard yellow linen blanket at The Goodwill for only $2.99, I was sold!

The mustard yellow linen blanket with The Good Will price tag showing the price of $2.99

a blanket
wool yarn in color(s) of choice
yarn needle
a rectangular form for making a pompom (a book, card deck, cd holder, cork board, etc)

Four pictures showing magenta yarn being wrapped around a four inch wide piece of cork board many times and then being slid off, tied in the middle and then the looped ends being cut so that the pompom is formed

Start by using a form, any form, to create your pompoms. I used a piece of cork board this time around, but in the past, I have used small journals, cd holders, a pack of cards, etc. Basically, all you need is a form that is the width of what you want for a pompom, and it’s a bonus if it’s easy to slide it off!
Simply wrap your yarn loosely around your form until desired thickness. Then, slide it off, tie it in the middle, and then snip the ends.

Trimming the pompom with scissors so that the ball shape is tidier and more round.

You should now have a fun furry ball! Time to repeat, until you have the number of tassel pompoms that you want. I made a total of 10, so that I would have 5 on each side.

Using a yarn needle to pull three strands of yarn halfway through the corner of the blanket, then folding the yarns in half, sectioning them into three and braiding them for three inches.

Back to the blanket. Using a contrasting or matching yarn, cut 3 eighteen inch pieces and use a yarn needle to draw them through your blanket edge. You want all three yarns to be close together and pulled only halfway through. Now, with the yarn pulled halfway, grab both ends of your 3 yarns so that you now have 6 strings in your hand. Divide them into three parts and braid them together.

Continuing to braid the yarn strands until three inches long and then tying one of the pompoms to the end.

Once you have a braid that is about 3 inches long, use the remainder of your string to tie on your pompom.

Holding the blanket up to show the pompom attached to the edge with the three inch braided yarn

So whimsical and cute! Now just to do it nine more times!

Pompoms attached to two corners of one edge of the blanket, folding it in half to find the center point for attaching the third pompom.

I started by connecting the two end pompoms first, then folded the edge in half, so that I could find the middle point for the third pompom. After that, I positioned the fourth and fifth pompoms between the middle and end pompoms. Ta-dah!

Holding up the finished product with five pompoms on the top edge and five pompom on the bottom edge.  Pompoms are grey, sage, mustard, and magenta.The mustard yellow linen blanket with colored pompom tassels draped over a blue velvet couch.

I am loving how much fun this summery linen blanket turned out! If you aren’t feeling as bold with color, this would be adorable completely monochromatic, too! I think this may have to live on my bed for the summer…just because it literally puts a smile on my face every time I see it! And, I love that it is wool and linen. Natural fibers are my jam!!! Thank you Anthropologie for continuing to inspire my creativity….fueled by coveting, I guess. LOL
Happy crafting lovelies!

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