Anthropologie Inspired Roving Wool Paperweight

It should come as no surprise that we are HUGE fans of what we call the “Anthropologie aesthetic.”  We adore hunting through inspiration on the Anthropologie website directly or browsing through beauties on Pinterest.

Their aesthetic touches personal fashion, home decor, and to-die-for bridal designs!  It is a perfect blend of boho chic, natural elements, a traveler’s eye, and clean lines popping with texture, color and metallics.  Actually, the aesthetic has become so prominent that it is a second nature in inspiration for us as we approach new projects and upcycling endeavors.

(Disclaimer: This style addiction can be dangerous.  We apologise in advance if we start a new style addiction with this post!)

Today’s little project is not exempt.  Taking a rock from the backyard, I played with some roving wool and some embroidery thread to make a uniquely earthy paperweight for my desk.  This was definitely an experiment of texture, but I totally love the end result!  Dare I say, “Anthropologie chic?”



rocks (collected from anywhere)

roving wool (have fun with color! Natural or bright are both gorgeous!)

hot water

dish deteregent

blow dryer

embroidery thread

yarn needle


Side note: wool is an amazing product.  It is naturally loaded with lanolin which makes it ideal for your skin.

Lanolin’s role in nature is to protect wool and skin against the ravages of climate and the environment; it also seems to play a role in skin (integumental) hygiene.[1] Lanolin and its many derivatives are used extensively in products designed for the protection, treatment and beautification of human skin.[1]

Check out our felted soap bars that totally take advantage of all that fabulous moisture!

Here, I am using it simply for it’s coziness…a major bonus for my desk environment.


The super cool thing about wool is that it is like velcro.  Have you ever looked closely at velcro and noted the little tiny hooks on the ends of the plastic, porcupine surface?  I swear they developed that design by studying wool!  Each wool fiber is exactly that…a tiny hook.  As you wet the fibers in hot water and agitate them, the hooks tighten down on each other and form a tight mat.  This “matting” is called felted wool.  It is awesome to watch tiny separate fibers become a solid fabric that is strong, comfy and super protective against the elements.  Kind of like life, right?  A little heat and agitation brings on some serious creativity and solidarity!  Ok, done waxing poetic about wool…onto the craft!


After some serious hot water and massaging, I upped the heat and agitation by using a blow dryer (usually I will throw felted projects into the dryer, but a large rock in my dryer seemed less than appealing).


Once my rock was felted, I decided to give it a little “something” by embroidering a simply leaf pattern.  Any design would be cute here.  A bunch of polka dots would be adorable, too!


I love my new little trinket for my desk.  Open up the windows and let the breeze blow!  These papers are not going anywhere…and in between brainstorming sessions, the natural variations of the wool work to soothe my mind.  Not bad for a little old rock from the garden!


Thanks Anthropologie for the continued inspiration!

And thanks to you Zesty readers for inviting us to inspire YOU!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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