Anthropologie Hack Welcome Mat

Being a die-hard junker, it is really hard for me to throw things away when there is still life in them. This is the internal struggle I faced every time that I walked up to my front door. My natural coir welcome mat looked like this after only one season! Faded floral design and a bit of a shed problem. It was no longer the way I wanted to greet people into my home, but how could I throw something away that was six months old or less? I just couldn’t, so I decided to look at Anthropologie for some inspiration while reaching for some paint!

An old used welcome mat, some paint brushes, and some acrylic house paint

old or new coir mat
acrylic paint for the base color
acrylic paint in a contrasting for the geometric design
paint brushes

Painting the old used welcome make a bright baby bleu
Using a ruler to create straight lines for a geometric design in white paint

Start by using a wide paint brush to apply a couple of coats of your base color. I chose a navy paint that I just had on hand to hide any of the old design. You are going to have to be generous with the paint here, so that it works itself down into the texture of the coir. The good news? The paint completely stopped any shedding!
Then, use a ruler to create straight lines for the geometric pattern of your choice.

After using chalk to create a geometric design, fill in with white paint using a paint brush

Use chalk to create a sketch of your pattern. Chalk is great, because you can simply hose it off if you are not happy. Using a finer art paint brush, paint your geometric pattern in a contrasting color.

The completed anthropologie hack welcome mat.

Once my masterpiece dried, I was ready to invite guests in again. I love that the paint made the mat material so much sturdier, and that I now have at least another six months of use. Next time you are ready for a new mat, take a look at your old one and see if it’s worth tackling. A little reuse and reimagining may be just the ticket!

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