Another Side of the Road Find!

I love it when I get a call from a friend or family member because they saw a piece of furniture on the side of the road.  It’s almost like being a Ghost Buster (if I didn’t just totally date myself!)  Invariably, it’s a piece with good bones and they know that I can Zest it Up.  I’m always tickled pink that they thought of Zest it Up and wanted to help out….but my favorite thing is the image of them pulling over and heaving whatever piece it is into their sedan or truck.  I love that the salvage bug is biting my friends and family….so cool!

With that image in your head, check out what my aunt found on the side of the road for us:

IMG_3549Vintage telephone side tables!  AND they are made out of mahogany…I was in love.  Of course, one was missing the top.  My quick solution was to take a mallet and whack the other one off in order to have a matching set.  After filling in holes and sanding, it was time for the design.

IMG_3552First a coat of primer followed by a coat of a super cute sky blue.

IMG_3554Now for the tops.  Sam and I decided to use our decoupage muscles and bust out some super cute printed paper.


After measuring and cutting with an exacto knife, it’s time to prep the table.IMG_3559A nice coat of Elmer’s glue, smoothed out with a sponge brush does the job perfectly.


The most important step is to smooth the paper out as you lay it down….to make life easier, use a spatula or something with a smooth straight edge.  Once you have rid yourself of any bubbles, coat the top with 2 to 3 coats of clear coat to protect the top of the table.

DSC_1329In order to play up the great carved details, I used lighter paint for accentuation and then coated all the painted surfaces with brown furniture wax.

DSC_1335The result …….

DSC_1340DSC_1341Completely zested…and a matching pair! Score!  Hope you like ’em!



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