An Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Floral Arrangement

Thrifty Thursday

So, it’s that time of year again that the cynics try to declare a hoax created by the card industry and florists.  Hey, hey, now!  Fend off that grumpy view, if you are tempted.  Valentine’s Day is a chance to focus on others.  It’s a chance to show what is in your heart which you sometimes fail to show because of running to-do lists and schedules.  The best part, is that there are a million ways to show you care without breaking the bank.  Actually, why not challenge yourself to show your love without spending an insane sum.  The secret is thinking about who you are celebrating.  What do they love? And how creative can you be?

Then there are the times when simple flowers speak volumes.  They are fresh, fragile and beautiful…like a tangible love story.  Keeping things on the inexpensive side, why not create something special out of the ordinary.  Here is a crazy simple arrangement made with good ol’ carnations!

valentines flowers_0000Carnations may feel old fashioned, but sorted out in a fun margarita glass, they show off their fun, frilly side.valentines flowers_0001I think carnations look their best when packed together in a tight mound that highlights their shape and color.  Cutting each individual flower, I use slightly longer stems toward the center and begin trimming the stems shorter as I make my way closer to the glass rim.  The finished effect is pretty sweet.  It looks like a myriad of carnations creating one large carnation.valentines flowers_0002Just keep layering and packing them in.  The trick is to fill all the blank spaces.valentines flowers_0003valentines flowers_0004Romantic and sweet without breaking the bank, right?  I love this because it is so simple that pretty much anyone can pull it off and look like a Romeo or Juliet.  Combined with some good vino and a simple meal, an evening turns from ordinary to thoughtful and special.

What ideas do you have for showing your heart this Valentine’s Day?

Oh, and happy Valentine’s, lovelies!



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