Allegro Bistro in San Diego


A few weeks back I went to San Diego and snagged lunch with my dear bestie Tera! We are always up for trying new places and venturing around- so that we did. She had heard about a new restaurant near the San Diego airport named Allegro Bistro– we thought we would put it to the test. Well let’s just say that it passed the test- great atmosphere as well as food!! So for today’s MMmonday we take a little trip down south….


They had a kinds of different flair with their menu….


Including their cucumber lemonade- was so yummyyyy!!! I might just have to make this one at home.


allegro_san_diego_1816While waiting for our food I turned into a 3 year old and took full advantage of my paper table by drawing a portrait of Tera…

allegro_san_diego_1817She was quite impressed. BAHA. (her last name is Perry- hence my nickname of the pear)

allegro_san_diego_1818The food arrived and we were happy gals!


Cilantro Crepe Paloma- their award winning baked crepe with stuffed chicken, topped with mole sauce and oaxaca cheese. YUM!

And A+ on presentation!


Tera enjoyed the Florentine- two poached eggs served on toasted French Batard with prosciutto. Topped with house organic spinach Hollandaise Sauce and finished with shaved Pecorino Romano Cheese. HOLLER!

allegro_san_diego_1821Also loved the little soap piggy container for their bill!!

We sat on their lovely patio but the inside was so classy as well…

allegro_san_diego_1823allegro_san_diego_1824allegro_san_diego_1825And there you have it- hope you can check out this fab little gem!


Sam & Tera

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