A Trendy Lob with Balayage Highlights

Of late, I have been feeling a bit dowdy in the hair department.  My ombre was no longer enchanting and my long locks were becoming less than desirable.  Since my hair grows at a rather ridiculous speed, I figured that I would give two new hair trends a whirl.  If I hated it, I could simply grow it out.  No harm, no foul.

I have been absolutely in love with the practicality of the lob (AKA long bob).  It can still be worn up, but also grunged out with a fantastic beachy edge.  Pairing it with balayage highlights (AKA painted on highlights that give a sunkissed glow) was a must.  Veering away from my standard ombre, balayage gives a very different look while keeping me super low maintenance.  Oh yes!  A low maintenance hair cut and low maintenance color anyone?  Sign me up!!


Since I was stepping out with a whole new look, I wanted to go to someone who I aesthetically trusted.  I have been sending brides to the beautiful Ms. Amy Castaniero of The Blushed Company for her gorgeously natural bridal do’s, so it was easy to put my trust in her for a cut and color!


Chop, chop!!!


With the basic length cut, it was time to mix up some color.


I kind of felt like a canvas.  I was so excited to see the results!


While the color was developing, we took a little tour of the super cute set up at The Wearhouse where Amy cuts.


We loved all the industrial personal touches, but I was excited to get a rinse and see how the color turned out!


Oh, the glory of being blond again! 😉




Thank you, sweet Amy!  I am in love with this new look.  I cannot wait to play with it at home!

I adore this subtle A-line lob.





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