Holes Made Whole

I’m not sure whether you have guessed yet, but I hate the “throw away” mentality that can be so easy and prevalent these days.  A quick disclaimer, I’m not a hoarder….just someone who sees beauty in the discarded.  Things that have been tossed off because of being imperfect and maybe a bit (or a lot) worn still have so much to offer.  I guess it’s the same way I view people….perfection isn’t the goal.  The beauty is in the imperfections and the individuality.  Everyday we have the opportunity to find the beauty in everyone and everything….it’s just that at times it takes a second, or even a third look.  But, if we don’t take the time, our tangible and relational dumps would be overflowing with waste.  NO THANK YOU!  So, I’m taking a second look at some thrift store finds…..

I don’t know if you have ever ventured into the world of felted wool, but it’s an awesome way to recycle wool sweaters from your closet or the thrift store.  Moth holes?  No sweat!  Just throw them into the wash with hot water.

Here is the deal: wool is a fiber which naturally has tiny hooks on the ends.  When you wash it in hot water and agitate it in the dryer, those tiny hooks start to work like Velcro.  All the fibers tighten up and make a dense mat.  The incredible beauty of this is that now you will be able to take scissors to your sweater, cutting it into shapes and not having to worry about anything unraveling.  Now, can you see the potential for projects?  You can make endless creations as quick as a snap!  And the fabric will be super tough.

So, what to make first?  How about a cute hair-clip?



Cardstock Flower (to trace on wool)


Needle and Thread

Hair Clip

DSC_1346Grab the tools needed, along with your “boiled” wool.  Cut some paper templates, grab a cute button (I used a vintage one of faceted glass….a real little treasure).  Oh, and don’t forget the clip!  I picked these up in a pack at good ol’ Micheal’s.

DSC_1347Check out the holes on the edge which will make it super easy to sew the design onto the clip.

DSC_1351Once you have traced your flower onto the wool, cut it out…you may want to do three graduating sizes, or keep it simpler with one or two.  I chose to use a small and a medium flower.

DSC_1353Layer your flowers and sew your button in the middle to secure.  Then all that’s left to do is attach the flower to the clip by sewing through those small holes.

DSC_1354A crazy easy project!  Really quick and very cute!

DSC_1356DSC_1358Oh, and check out the version I made for my daughter:


Keep posted for some other ideas for simple felted wool projects.  This stuff is addicting….and if you aren’t careful, you may wind up with bags and bags of the stuff in the anticipation of salvaging moth worn trash into fabulous treasure!  Time to give things a second look 😉




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