A Quickie Christmas blanket

Well, Christmas is quickly approaching…and I don’t know about you, but my heart is racing!  I am wicked behind on presents this year.  I guess that is what happens when you direct two musicals while trying to balance family, All Star soccer schedules, and growing a new thriving business.

Sam and Juli, I am so thankful for you and this incredible journey!  It’s such a blessing to be so busy with Zest work!  Who can complain about back-to-back catering gigs and Etsy orders.  But, geesh, I’ve gotta get on that long Christmas gift check-list!

First off, my daddy.  He is living with emphysema, and gets chilly due to the low levels of oxygen.  So, I’m bustin’ out the sheep wool to the rescue!  (If you need a decent lesson on how to knit, check out this video for help.  Much better than snap shots 😉 ).


sheep wool yarn (maybe 2 different colors if you like the border)

knitting needles


I decided to double my strands for speed…and to do a seed stitch for interesting (and cute) texture.  It turned out so lush in this bulky wool yarn (which, of course, I got at a thrift store).


I decided that I wanted a bit of color blocking to give this grey blanket some edge, so I joined two strands of fire engine red yarn.


Omgsh, can you believe that color?!  I looooooove it!!  It totally makes me happy!


Truly beautiful, snuggly, and completely warm!  My daddy is going to have a snuggy warm lap in just a few days.  One gift down, many more to come 😉


Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope your Christmas list is getting checked off, too.



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